Leigh Won The DJI Mini 3 Pro Drone

Congratulations to Leigh Moss

Winning Ticket(s): 435

DJI Mini 3 Pro Drone

Winner Drawn on: September 10, 2023

I use a couple of other competition sites mainly for cars and Vanlife competitions page popped up on my Facebook feed and owning a VW campervan myself there were prizes on there that would come in useful for my van or when out camping.

First thing I liked was the low enter cost and low odds which you don’t get on most sites as it’s usually one of the other so this sets them apart from others and hopefully they keep it like that.

My first go was on Sunday 10th September where I had a go on all the prizes going that night except three of them spending approx £60 across all competitions I entered for that night.

Usually I forget about live draws but as this was the first time entering with them I watched the live draw on Facebook and both come across really nice and friendly. Each draw that they did my name didn’t come out but checking my numbers I was close on a few of them. Then the draw for the DJI mini 3 pro drone came around, which was the main one I really wanted and low and behold my number came out on it (when checking my numbers I purchased 5 for it in the morning and then another 5 late on that day and the number that come out was on the later purchase so thankfully I bought a few more tickets else I wouldn’t have been the winner).

After the draw I got an email from Laura congratulating me on the win and to see if I wanted the drone or £650 cash alternative. I selected the drone as it’s one of those toys I’ve wanted for ages but could never justify buying one, but at the same time £650 would have bought my new solar panel and MPPT I want.

Laura was super quick replying to emails obtaining all the information she required. Next thing I have another email saying it’s been ordered and will be delivered between 6pm and 10pm on Monday the 11th (only won it just before 10pm the night before!). I’ve then been getting updates on the deliver via email to keep me updated through the day and around 19:30pm I get a knock at the door with a brand new sealed DJI mini 3 pro drone.

I can’t fault this company in the slightest and I’ll certainly keep having a go as they have a few more prizes I’m after at the moment.

Date of experience: 11 September 2023