Win a Victron Cerbo GX And Gx Touch 50 Bundle!

£0.99 Per Ticket

Winner is: cameron.cannings

Ticket number: 534 Answer: London



About This Competition

Win a Victron Cerbo GX And Gx Touch 50 Bundle!

Upgrade your electrics or ready to fit to your new conversion!

Don’t fancy the victron bundle? You can take the £400 Cash alternative instead

Guaranteed draw regardless of ticket sales

Competition ends-15th July at 8PM

Live Facebook draw on 15th July From 8:10PM


Victon Cerbo GX and GX Touch bundle

Cerbo GX

Panels and system monitoring

Victron Cerbo GX and GX Touch 50 bundle. This all-new communication-centre allows you to always have perfect control over your system from wherever you are and maximises its performance. Simply connect through our Victron Remote Management (VRM) portal, or access directly, using the separate GX Touch 50, a MFD or the VictronConnect app thanks to its added Bluetooth capability. This latest addition to the GX-range combines all the best of connectivity, redefining smart power solutions in every way.

GX Touch 50

The GX Touch 50 is the display accessory for the Cerbo GX. The five inch a touch screen display gives an instant overview of your system and allows to adjust settings in the blink of an eye. Simply connected to the Cerbo GX with one cable, its super slim waterproof design, top-mountable setup and its simple installation bring a lot of flexibility when creating a crisp and clean dashboard.

Buy the Victron Cerbo GX and GX Touch 50 combo now for a perfect match and as the latest addition to your system.