10x Winners – Fundraiser comp!

£0.99 Per Ticket


  1. robduffy1990
    Ticket number: 991
    Answer: London
  2. beckyrideout
    Ticket number: 435
    Answer: London
  3. phillip.jones.swansea
    Ticket number: 651
    Answer: London
  4. davidthartley
    Ticket number: 350
    Answer: London
  5. fiona.holt
    Ticket number: 721
    Answer: London
  6. stuartpickwell
    Ticket number: 543
    Answer: London
  7. Anna Newby
    Ticket number: 974
    Answer: London
  8. stuartpickwell
    Ticket number: 660
    Answer: London
  9. jords19
    Ticket number: 794
    Answer: London
  10. lisaforshaw219
    Ticket number: 239
    Answer: London

About This Competition

10x Winner fundraiser comp!

Choose between a Van Life Competitions meet up ticket plus a full set of merch or a £50 Site credit

To support Church Boxing in their quest to encourage local children into sports ALL proceeds of this competition will be donated towards the purchasing of new kit and equipment. We are even going to personally match all funds raised on this one..

Home – Church Boxing Maldon

About the van life competitions meet up – It will be held at Crabbick View Camping in Portsmouth. The meetup has been organised to give our community a chance to meet each other, and have a relaxed, completely free weekend.  The social event will be held on the 2nd – 4th august. The Golden Ticket entitles you to 2 nights camping. Evening and day time entertainment will be provided and there will also be a catering van on site all weekend for people wishing to purchase food.

If the meet up isn’t for you then you can choose a £50 Site credit added to your account instead.

Competition ends 22nd April at 8pm

Live Facebook draw 22nd April from 8:10pm