WIN a 300Ah Fogstar Drift Pro Lithium Battery!

£1.99 Per Ticket

Winner is: Shaun Marshall

Ticket number: 784 Answer: London

well done


About This Competition

WIN a 300Ah Fogstar Drift Pro Lithium Battery!

Are you constantly checking how much power you have left in your Campervan or Motorhome?

Enter this competition to WIN a 300Ah Fogstar Drift Pro lithium battery and take that worry away so you can enjoy your Off Grid adventures with plenty of power!

Don’t want the battery? You can choose the £900 cash alternative instead.

Entries close 3rd June at 8pm

Live Facebook draw 3rd June at 8.10pm (Using Google Random Number Generator)

Guaranteed draw regardless of ticket sales!


The Fogstar Drift PRO 12V 300Ah Leisure Battery is a cutting-edge energy storage solution designed for various applications, including campervans, off-grid setups, home energy storage, marine and solar panels.


  • Grade A EVE LiFePO4 Cells
  • 3840Wh of Pure Power
  • 300A JBD BMS
  • Nominal Capacity & Voltage: 300AH, 12.8V