Win 20x Tickets into the Magnus the Mercedes Comp-5x Winners

£0.99 Per Ticket


  1. largesammy
    Ticket number: 452
    Answer: London
  2. adamkhalil01
    Ticket number: 175
    Answer: London
  3. kenpoulter
    Ticket number: 744
    Answer: London
  4. snimmo
    Ticket number: 498
    Answer: London
  5. patriciajwood15
    Ticket number: 600
    Answer: London

Well done!!


About This Competition

Would you like to increase your chances of winning Magnus the Mercedes for just 99p?

You can increase your chances by 20x with this ticket competition!

We will draw 5 winners on this comp and each winner will recieve 20x tickets each!

1 Competition – 5 Winners

Entries close Sunday 24th September 9pm

Live facebook draw Sunday 24th September from 9:10pm